Mindset and Performance Coaching:
Aligning Your Head, Heart, and Hands

For Leaders of Leaders | Purpose-Driven CEOs | High Performers | Action Takers

The quality of business and the quality of life comes down to two things.  The decisions we make…and the actions we take.

I shared these words at The Purpose Summit in 2022 at Notre Dame Stadium.  In a room of 500+ leaders…heads nodded, eyes lit up and notepads went crazy.


Because they realized how simple and true this statement was when reflecting back on their choices (for better or worse) in career, relationships, and beyond.

Take a pause in this moment.  

Ask yourself…

Is your life largely a byproduct of the decisions and actions you’ve made? Do you anticipate the same is true for your future?

If yes, then keep reading.

The same promise I made from stage is the promise I’ll make to you.

I can’t promise an easy life.  But I can promise a simpler life.  Driven by a simple process to clear and confident decisions, coupled with authentic and purposeful actions.  

This simplicity and peace of mind is the power of The Head-Heart-Hands Equation.

It trumps the stress, anxiety, and mind-numbing process of getting stuck in the weeds of EVERY single decision as we try to navigate our day more efficiently and effectively, in a world that’s only getting faster and more complex.

To help you overcome the rat race we’re all in, expect that this newly found equation (and coaching program) will provide the fuel and energy to thrive rather than survive.

Momentum will soon build. 

Habits will quickly form.

One decision and action at a time.

The Nuts and Bolts

Mindset and Performance Coaching

Aligning Your Head Heart And Hands

90-Day Coaching

1:1 Deep Dive

  • 90 Days

  • Call Breakdown

    • First 30 Days - Half Day Deep dive and 60 Minute Session

    • Second 30 Days - 90 minute and 60 minute Session

    • Third 30 Days - 2 - 60 Minute Sessions

  • Deep life changing distinctions, practices and daily rituals to build a 365 plan

  • Weekly Integration Exercises

  • Email and text support

Some of the things we'll cover:

  • Deep dive WHY Assessment and Values Discovery 

  • Connecting WHY, Values (How), and Purpose (What)

  • Goals and Vision Mapping

  • Custom Application of The Power of Playing Offense 

  • Leadership Capacity and Presence

  • Mastery of Awareness, Ownership, and Intention

  • Decision making and actions framework

  • Embodying the Head Heart Hands equation

This is for you if:

  • You’re highly successful, but don’t feel significance

  • Decision fatigue is taking a toll and you want to know you’re making the right calls

  • You’re driven by action, but need support deciding what actions are most important and align with your goals.  

  • You want to level up your leadership and influence

  • You have massive dreams for your life, but don’t have the time to plan and execute

  • You’re consistently fighting fires, highly reactive, surviving vs thriving

  • As you climb, you want to make sure you’re leaning your ladder against the right wall

  • You don’t feel bigger picture meaning and purpose in life.  You’re just going through the motions and executing, one day at a time

12 Promises

By the end of this program you will...

More on why making decisions is the bedrock of success in all areas of life and the power of the Head Heart Hands Coaching Process

Researchers estimate that adults make 35,000 decisions per day.

Most of them are the mundane choices of pulling left into the driveway or brushing your teeth. But some—Hire (or fire)? Do the deal (or don’t)? Relationship…in (or out)?—can leave us paralyzed. 

What if there were a three-step process for making decisions in business, parenting, leadership, relationships, career, health, and other crucial parts of our lives that was as simple and efficient as going through a stoplight?

A proven path toward clarity and confidence at every fork in the road.

A litmus test for authenticity, where you know it aligns with your truth.

A consistent and repeatable guide to action…often within seconds.

This solution not only exists, it’s as simple as three H’s. 

The Head-Heart-Hands Equation

Head represents mindset and awareness
Heart represents authenticity and ownership
Hands represents action and intention

You could also think of head-heart-hands as think-feel-do on steroids.

The Head-Heart-Hands Equation is designed to inspire action by removing the pain and pressure of decision-making.
And it’s the key to living a life of purpose and on purpose, rather than by default.

It operates in a simple, and very familiar way.

The Traffic Light Test

Every time you pull up to a traffic signal, you know exactly what to do. It’s an extremely efficient and effective method for making decisions.

Now imagine a world where that same green—yellow—red signal guides your life. I call it the Traffic Light Test. By the time you’re through this program, this test will be personalized for you.

The key to the test is two checkpoints—Head and Heart.

Do I think it’s a good idea?
Do I feel it’s a good idea?
Both on board,
green light.
One on board,
yellow light.
Neither on board,
red light.
Green we take action, red is no action.

It’s that simple, it gets us to the finish line, and it’s proven. 

You might be wondering, what about the yellow?  The reality is yellow is where the trickier calls lie, and we have many of them.  What do we do when either the head or heart isn’t on board?  We’ll spend quality time on this. 

The goal is to navigate and conquer the yellows, STOP running reds, and build a life of greens.  That’s what this program delivers.

"I have seen firsthand the grit, passion, and perseverance that Paul leads with. It’s one thing to achieve success with these qualities, but it’s another to coach these principles to others. His playbook has shown me the way."
Brian Lafemina
Chief Business Officer, LA 2028 Olympics; former NFL Executive
"Paul was born to inspire and help others grow into their full potential. He has a unique passion for life, and for people, bringing a special energy and connection to his coaching that inevitably becomes a catalyst for positive change."
greg holmes
former Head of Sales & Corporate Strategy
"When it comes to leadership, transformation, and finding ones ‘Why’, Paul Epstein is one of the most knowledgeable coaches I know. His authenticity makes other people feel valued and unquestionably cared for."
Sue Ann Gonis
EMBA Executive Coach & Career Consultant, University of Michigan

Meet Your Coach

Paul Epstein has been in the sports industry since his career began, serving in the NFL league office leading a national sales campaign for Super Bowl XLVIII…

From an entry-level sales position with the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers franchise, Paul worked his way through the ranks on the power of his passion and willingness to follow his guiding purpose: to make an impact. He eventually became the Clippers’ sales manager, helping them rise from 28th in league revenue to 2nd before moving to a position in New Orleans to help the city save their floundering NBA team— then in danger of being relocated.

Paul then followed his purpose to the NFL— serving in the league office, leading a record-setting Super Bowl XLVIII national sales effort, and overseeing a $1 billion campaign for the 49ers while opening Levi’s Stadium.

To achieve these professional transformations, personal transformation was first needed...

Inspired in part by the message Paul’s late father left with him, that every day is an opportunity to impact lives for the better, Paul went on to take his biggest leap of faith yet.

Paul left the boardrooms of major sports leagues to begin sharing his message of purpose, activating your WHY, and Playing Offense in life and work around the globe. He became an in-demand speaker and thought leader, authored the critically lauded The Power of Playing Offense, led a leadership development lab for a $3 billion organization, and continued to hone his process for putting purpose into daily action.

Today, Paul continues to share his message in keynote talks, books, his Playmakers podcast, a highly exclusive coaching practice, and as Chief Impact Officer for Purpose Point as well as Chief Purpose Advisor for the WHY Institute.  

All of this momentum led to Paul being awarded by Success Magazine as a Top Thought Leader that Gets Results in 2022.


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