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Meet Your Instructor, Paul Epstein

• Former NFL & NBA Executive
• 2x Bestselling Author
• Award-Winning Speaker
• Founder of the Win Monday Community

Paul has coached
the world’s best in confidence, from NFL Athletes to Navy SEALs to Fortune 100 CEOs to Olympians to Shark Tank Entrepreneurs.  


This masterclass is for you if you’re READY TO:

Move faster 

Have a clear mind and
pure heart

Have conviction in your actions

Win in business and life  

Ignite impact and make a difference

Be a better partner and human being

Attack dreams without hesitation

Be growth minded and play big

“A masterclass on how to win one day, one decision, and one action at a time – all with unshakable confidence. This could be the greatest training camp of all!”
Senior Vice President of Business Development, National Football League

What's included in the Confidence Masterclass?

Top Results Greater Confidence Delivers:

Career Growth



Goal Achievement

Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Heightened Self Worth

Stress-Free Decisions

Strength in Mindset

“Confidence is the currency required for unstoppable momentum in business and life. This masterclass gives you the playbook.”
- Paul epstein

Course Overview


Masterclass Overview and Confidence Building Blocks

Learn the foundation of confidence, research that highlights its impact, how confidence is connected to your head (mindset), heart (authenticity), and hands (action), and what’s possible when you lead a green light life.


Head: Elevating Your Mindset

Master the four green light values of:
🚥 Growth
🚥 Positivity
🚥 Grit
🚥 Curiosity


Heart: Leading With Authenticity

Master the four green light values of:
🚥 Passion
🚥 Authenticity
🚥 Gratitude
🚥 Happiness


Hands: Taking Purposeful Action

Master the four green light values of:
🚥 Courage
🚥 Service
🚥 Excellence
🚥 Impact


30 Day Action Plan

Learn how to tactically apply and implement all key learnings of the masterclass.  The end game: 30 days of actionable impact, immeasurable ROI, and unstoppable momentum in your business and life.

“To achieve greater impact and fulfillment, you’ll need a coach who has already achieved their own transformation to guide the way. Paul is that coach, and this is the masterclass.”
EMBA Executive Coach and Career Consultant, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

It’s Time to Make a Better Decision Faster  

You know whether you’re ready to make confidence your competitive advantage.

Is your HEAD on board?

Is your HEART on board?


Your HANDS are ready for action, get started below.  

This will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in this masterclass?

You will study a proven game plan to make confident decisions, take confident actions, and show up with confidence regardless of outcome or environment.  To ensure the learnings last, you will also be armed with a 30-day action plan, and an exclusive post-masterclass toolkit.

How long does the masterclass take to complete?

While everyone’s journey varies based on time commitments, flexibility, hunger to accelerate their learnings, and apply the insights, it is fair to assume the average course experience is designed to take about 30 days to complete.  Some will do it quicker, some will take longer.  The great news is you will have lifetime access to the course modules as well as the action planning tools and resources.

Who is this masterclass designed for?

It is designed for high performers, achievers, career climbers, and leaders who are driven to make confidence their competitive advantage.  Drawn from Paul’s personal confidence transformation, as well as stress-testing his confidence insights with Navy SEALS, Olympic athletes, Fortune 100 CEOs, Shark Tank entrepreneurs, and more; now it’s your turn.

What makes this confidence masterclass different from others?

These insights have been proven in Paul’s personal transformation and tested with thousands of coaching clients to ensure the playbook is proven and scales to others.  There is also a heavy commitment to action supported by the Win Monday Community.  This is not theory or fluff.  These are confidence insights and practices from the trenches, designed to be used, shared, and dissected by the Community, for iron to sharpen iron.

Personal Note from Paul

Maybe you’re like me.

Confidence comes. And it goes.

It’s a rollercoaster of self-belief, self-worth, and self-doubt.

The reality is we’ve all experienced this confidence rollercoaster.

There’s a good day, followed by a bad day.  

In one you’re beaming with confidence, clear in your decisions, with conviction in your actions.  In the other you’re paralyzed, stuck, and stressed.

Sadly, this rollercoaster has become routine.

Life gives us an outcome, we attach the result (for better or worse) to our confidence, up and down we go.  

But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if you could have UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE 365 days a year?

No longer hinging on trophies, accolades, promotions, raises, or recognition to feel good.

Instead, confidence becomes your fuel, your oxygen, your superpower, your competitive advantage.

Are you ready to become the most confident version of yourself?

If you are, then I’m ready to meet you at the 50.


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