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Do you know how confident you are, 1 – 100?

You’re only a few minutes from finding out.  If you geek out on stats (admit it, we all do), you’ll not only get an overall confidence score, you’ll see where you stand in all three core areas of your confidence.

Are you prepared to step into each day clear and confident, make better decisions faster, and take purposeful action? 

All of this is not only possible, it’s at your fingertips right now.

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Have you ever wondered…

🚥How much stress and anxiety impact your decision-making?
🚥 Is fear of risk holding you back?
🚥 Has perfection become the enemy of moving forward?
🚥 Does the thought of failure get in the way of taking action?
🚥 Are other people’s opinions trumping your own?
🚥 Are negative thoughts penetrating your life?
🚥 Is self-doubt hovering over you?
🚥 Do you often get paralyzed when facing a big decision?
🚥 Do you stand tallest when fear and risk are highest?
🚥 Do you play big or small at life’s most critical moments?

All are tied to our self-confidence, and this quiz will reveal how you can instantly level up.


Your Dashboard and Deliverables

Once you complete the quiz, you’ll have immediate access to: 

1. A personalized Confidence Score, 1-100 

2. A free pdf on the 12 Keys to Build Unshakable Confidence 

3. A custom action plan to level up your Confidence Score

Head– the connection of your confidence and mindset
Heart– the connection of your confidence and authenticity
Hands – the connection of your confidence and actions

Sustain the Impact With Your Team

The quiz is only the starting point.  To explore how confidence can be your team’s competitive advantage, explore Paul’s keynotes below and prepare to win.

How People Win
🚥 Greater Drive
🚥 Personal Growth
🚥 Increased Resilience

How Organizations Win
🚥 Accelerated Performance
🚥 Culture of Trust
🚥 Breakthrough Innovation

The Origin Story: Quiz Mission & Vision

Quiz architect and Founder of the Win Monday Community, Paul Epstein spent 15 years as an NFL and NBA executive, earning a front-row seat to the world’s elite performers.  Even at the top ranks, he noticed a gap.  From the best players to the worst players.  From their best days to their worst days.  

The gap…was CONFIDENCE.

Confidence in their preparation.
Confidence in their game plan.
Confidence in their decisions.
Confidence in their actions.
Confidence in themselves…especially when things weren’t going their way.

He then asked himself, did the same CONFIDENCE GAP exist on the business side of the organization? Even at times in the mirror?

The answer was a resounding YES.

Called to create a solution, Paul now speaks and consults with Fortune 500’s, pro athletes, CEO’s and beyond on how individuals, teams, and organizations can build their confidence and leverage it as a competitive advantage.  

To further the impact, he created a quiz on it.

Custom made…for YOU.

Driving Impact:  How Paul Helps Transform Organizations

Beat Burnout and Turn Down High Turnover
Discover Your Why. Rediscover Your Authentic Power.
Tap Into Your Talent Like Never Before
Stop Playing Defense. Start Playing Offense.