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The Power of Playing Offense

“What makes a great leader? Mountains of books have been written on the traits, skills, and qualities that provide this answer. In my mind, one easily rises to the top: The Power of Playing Offense.”
— Eric Yuan,
Founder and CEO, Zoom Video Communications

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Better Decisions Faster

"When I ask leaders about their greatest challenge, more than ever the answer is, 'There has to be a way to make better decisions faster.' Paul Epstein has the solution."
—Marshall Goldsmith,
NYT bestselling author, two-time Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

The Five Pillars of Playing Offense

Pillar 1
Live with Championship Purpose

Live with Championship Purpose to fuel your daily quest for meaning and impact and connect you and your team to something bigger than yourselves.

Pillar 2
Be The Storm Chaser

Be the Storm Chaser to transform from adversity to achievement, developing the grit and courage to endure storms in business and life and build powerful resilience.

Pillar 3
Salute the Long Snapper

Salute the Long Snapper, transforming disengaged and under appreciated teammates into valued, impactful, and creative members of your hard-hitting offense.

Pillar 4
Embody Gold Jacket Culture

Embody Gold Jacket Culture to inspire yourself and others to achieve hall-of-fame level performance by unleashing your collective strengths, gifts, talents, and passions.

Pillar 5
Leave It Better Than You Found It

Leave It Better Than You Found It, going from only success to success and significance, creating a legacy that lasts beyond a lifetime for you and your team.

The ROI of
Playing Offense

Paul’s #1 bestselling book is the go-to guide for escaping a defensive approach to business and life, becoming proactive in leading self, leading others, and leading impact. This is the purpose and performance playbook Paul never had, but you now do.


Less Turnover


Less Absenteeism


Increased Customer Satisfaction


Increased Employee Engagement


Revenue Increase


Greater Performance

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"When talent wins, you win.  As a leader, some of the biggest decisions we make is selecting the right talent.  Imagine you could make those decisions better and faster.  Thanks to Paul, you're now holding the guide to attract extraordinary talent, be an extraordinary leader, and build an extraordinary team, one decision at a time."

Dee Ann Turner
Former VP of Talent, Chick-fil-A, bestselling author

“Having made some pretty significant decisions in life, what has always been lacking is a "go-to" playbook that entire teams and organizations could align and rally around.  A proven guide to make better decisions faster, together.  Thanks to Paul Epstein, you're now holding the playbook."

Howard Behar
Former President, Starbucks Coffee, bestselling author

"Working in the NFL, there is no bigger believer in the value of a “go-to” playbook than me. If you are a leader who is inspired to build the leaders of tomorrow, build high-performance teams, and build gold jacket culture, you’ve found your “go-to” playbook in Playing Offense."

Robert Gallo
Senior Vice President, Club Business Development, NFL

“I recommend putting Paul’s game plan of Playing Offense to work for your organization. He and his message will lead to something we all like to be a part of—a championship culture.”

Luc Robitaille
Hockey Hall Of Fame Player; Three-time Stanley Cup Champion; President, Los Angeles Kings

"While many of us are after professional growth, what The Power of Playing Offense teaches us is that all growth starts from within. To achieve this personal transformation toward greater impact and fulfillment, you’ll need a coach to guide the way. One who has already achieved their own transformation and is inspired to bring us along. Paul Epstein is one of the best coaches I know."

Sue Ann Gonis
EMBA Executive Coach and career consultant, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

“Whether in a boardroom or on a battlefield, success or failure often comes down to our decisions—so they shouldn’t be left to chance. Thanks to Paul, we don’t need to. Better Decisions Faster shows us how to turn the stress and anxiety in the decision-making process into confidence & courage. A masterful playbook to optimize your (and your team’s) performance!”

Rich Diviney
Retired Navy Seal Officer, Bestselling Author, The Attributes

Driving Impact:  How Paul Helps Transform Organizations

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