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Better Decisions Faster

“Paul has created the ultimate guide to confidence and courage — one decision at a time.”
- MEL ROBBINS, New York Times Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Podcast Host

From NFL Executive to Confidence Coach

How Decisions Transformed Paul’s Life, and Can Change Yours Too

“The quality of life comes down to the decisions we make and the actions we take” – Paul Epstein

Should I leave sports?  Is she “the one”?  Do I move across the country?  Pivot industries?  Have a second kid?  Become an entrepreneur?  Buy the home?  Hire or fire?  Get my MBA?  Blow up my health plan?  Make the investment?  Rethink my friends?  Have the challenging conversation?  Reset my goals?  Set new standards?  Shred my business plan?  Write a new life plan?

These are the decisions I’ve made…in the last seven years.  Imagine how many key decisions we make over the course of a lifetime.

If you’re anything like me, you know decisions can be downright scary.  

Am I making the best call?  Putting my family at risk?  Is this going to work?  Will I lose my job if I make the wrong call?  What will (this person) think?  Screw it, I’ll just put it off.

This rollercoaster and mind**** is normal.  

Do it once, not a killer.  Do it over the years, we not only lose time and progress, we lose confidence in our ability to make better decisions.

I know this to be true because I’ve had two chapters of life.  Pre-confidence, and post-confidence.

Pre-confidence I was stuck, fatigued, paralyzed, stressed, anxious, and often made the worst decision…INDECISION.

Post-confidence I’ve emerged clear, bold, and courageous approaching the most critical forks in the road with intention, authenticity and purpose.

After taking a Jerry Maguire leap from the high-profile world of sports as an NBA and NFL Executive, I’ve since been on a mission to help others close their own confidence gaps to make better decisions faster—and am now ready to share the biggest lessons and insights with the world.

Starting with your world.

If you’re ready for confident decisions to become your competitive advantage, this book is for you.

Better Decisions Faster gives you the playbook to step into decisions of all sizes, big and small, where your head (mindset), heart (authenticity), and hands (action) are aligned to make the best decision possible.  

The Head-Heart-Hands Equation is a proven process used by CEOs, Olympians, Shark Tank Entrepreneurs, and Navy SEALs to everyday Joes and Janes…just like you and I...to conquer our decisions with unshakable confidence when we need it most.

You’re only one decision away from joining the party.

Let’s make it better, and faster.

“You’ll free yourself to focus on the essential choices that truly matter!”

Greg McKeown
author of the New York Times bestsellers Essentialism and Effortless

Better Decisions Faster aligns head with heart to set anyone on the right track. Buy this book!”

Kara Goldin
founder, Hint Water, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Undaunted

“A revolutionary solution to unlock our mindset, lead with authenticity, and drive purposeful action."

Jon Gordon
twelve-time bestselling author of The Energy Bus and The Power of Positive Leadership

“A proven guide to rally organizations and cultures to make better decisions faster, together”

Howard Behar
former president, Starbucks Coffee, and author of It’s Not about the Coffee and The Magic Cup

“A master class in clarity, confidence, conviction, and courage to climb your most ambitious peaks."

Alison Levine
first American Women’s Everest Expedition team captain, faculty at West Point, and New York Times bestselling author of On the Edge

“A playbook and winning formula to lock in on what truly matters with intention and purpose.”

Rory Vaden
cofounder, Brand Builders Group; Hall of Fame keynote speaker; and New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs

Better Decisions Faster changes your trajectory to create cycles of positive change and upward spirals of success.”

Shawn Achor
New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage and Big Potential

“A guide to attract extraordinary talent, be an extraordinary leader, and build an extraordinary team.”

Dee Ann Turner
former vice president of talent, Chick-fil-A, and bestselling author of Bet on Talent and Crush Your Career

“This playbook challenged me to be intentional and take action, rerouting my thinking in a world of flux.”

Simon Bailey
former Disney executive, Hall of Fame speaker, and bestselling author of Release Your Brilliance

Bring the Better Decisions Faster Tour to Your Team

This Fall Paul will be traveling from Los Angeles to Dallas, Miami, New York, DC, Chicago, Detroit, Denver, San Francisco, Vegas, and more.

How will making Better Decisions Faster change my life?

When you make better decisions faster across your life, you stop second guessing.  

No longer overwhelmed by the quantity of decisions, because you now make them quality.  Stress and anxiety slip away.  Paralysis (indecision) becomes a problem of the past.

Your confidence rises.  You win time back.  You have peace of mind.  You are intentional and decisive.  Living authentically with purpose, on purpose.  You are action based vs outcome based.

That’s what this playbook delivers.  No theory or fluff.  Pure HOW TO make better decisions with unshakable confidence when you need it most.

Enjoy the read, and your very own confidence quiz below.

To make better decisions faster, unshakable confidence is required. Find out where you stand below.

The Confidence Quiz

In less than five minutes you will have:A personalized confidence score: 1-100
Proven tools to elevate self-confidence
A cheat-sheet for confident decision making

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“Every day we’re faced with tens of thousands of decisions that create our lives—so many that it can seem impossible to be courageous and confident in our choices and avoid being crippled by indecision. In Better Decisions Faster, Paul Epstein has cracked the code by using the most human of tools to simplify even the most paralyzing forks in the road. It’s your ultimate guide to confidence and courage—one decision at a time.”
New York Times Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Podcast Host

Better Decisions Faster is Packed with Insights of Elite Decision-Makers and Action Takers

All members, supporters, and contributors of the Win Monday Community.
Consider the book your kickoff.  Growth will continue 365, thanks to the Win Monday podcast, action plan and resources.

Prepare to learn and level up thanks to the amazing tribe below…AND MORE.

Ronnie Lott
NFL Hall of Fame Player

Kelsey Moreira
Shark Tank Entrepreneur

Suneel Gupta
Global Thought Leader

Scott O’Neil
Sports & Entertainment CEO

Sue Ann Gonis
Executive Coach, University of Michigan

Jake Olson
First Blind D1 College Football Player

Rich Diviney
Retired Navy SEAL Commander

Zion Clark
Netflix Star and Influencer

Bedros Keuilian
Global Influencer

Andre Norman
Ambassador of Hope (Prison to Harvard)

Josh Linkner
Top Innovation Speaker in World

Jon Gordon
12x Bestselling Author

This is the company you’ll soon keep.  Pick up your copy today.

10 Reasons You Need this Book

1. Decide and Act with Speed and Intention
2. Raise Self-Confidence and Belief
3. Have Peace of Mind You Made the Right Call
4. Lead Teams through Change and Uncertainty
5. Overcome Paralysis Analysis and Decision Fatigue
6. Build Cultures of Trust and Authenticity
7. Rise Above Fear, Worry, and Self-Limiting Beliefs
8. Beat Burnout and Elevate your Wellbeing
9. Stand Tall When Fear and Risk are High
10. You’re Ready to Take Massive Action

Bottom line, if you’re currently stuck or challenged with a big decision…Better Decisions Faster can help, tremendously.


Are You Ready for a Green-Light Life?

Better Decisions Faster was written to fill our business, relationships, career, and life with more green lights.

Green lights where our head (mindset), heart (authenticity), and hands (action) are all aligned with clarity, purpose, and intention.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s on the inside!


"I have been making fast decisions my whole life, and I use a basic framework. What Paul Epstein lays out in Better Decisions Faster is a tool and guide I wish I’d had forty years ago. Your decisions are the tracks your life runs on. Get them right. Get the book.”
New York Times bestselling author of Spartan Up, founder and CEO of Spartan, and cofounder of Spartan Race

Rock Bottom: Why I Wrote Better Decisions Faster

I didn’t know the power of decision making, until I hit rock bottom.  

My dad (RIP) is my hero.

6 months into being a dad, I felt like the exact opposite.

I was mentally in the darkest storm of my life.

My heart was in (on this journey of fatherhood), but my head was out.  I struggled….mightily.

Thankfully, there is a happy ending to this story.

My yellow light is now a green light (head AND heart on board).  

Little did I know that this storm would inspire the Head - Heart - Hands Equation, which is how we make better decisions faster.

We all want more green lights.

We know we need to stop running reds (no head, no heart).

We get lost, stuck, and overwhelmed by the countless yellow lights at work and in life.

But we’ve never had a playbook to navigate these critical forks in the road.

Until now.

I wrote Better Decisions Faster to overcome the pain, stress, and paralysis of decision-making.

I wrote Better Decisions Faster to step into each day with peace of mind knowing we’re ready to make the right call, with intention, authenticity, and purpose.

I wrote Better Decisions Faster because I used to lack confidence in my decision-making.  Now I consider confidence a superpower.  

I’m ready to share the learnings and insights with YOU.

Applying this playbook has made me a better dad, husband, leader, son, teammate, and friend.  

I now have unshakable confidence every day, and I believe we all deserve that feeling.  

If this message inspires you toward a better tomorrow, and your head and heart are on board for the journey, then I look forward to meeting you at the 50, as we make better decisions faster TOGETHER.

🥂 to the green lights ahead.


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