Win Monday

Winning Monday is for the separators. Those of us who are determined to become the best and fastest version of ourselves. Each episode is a masterclass in becoming 1% better each day, no matter your path to work-life mastery. 

Your guide for this journey is Paul Epstein, 15-year NFL and NBA executive, 2x bestselling author, global keynote speaker, and Success Magazine’s top thought leader that gets results, and Founder of our Win Monday Community. 

Drawing from Paul’s high-profile separators of Fortune 500 CEOs, Olympians, and Shark Tank entrepreneurs to Guinness World Record holders, NYT bestselling authors, Navy SEALs, and more, this show will inspire you with the confidence required to win one day, one decision, and one action at a time.

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Show Notes

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Show Notes

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Paul’s energy is infectious, his stories touch the heart, and he instills a mindset to be your best.  We all walked away with actionable tools to navigate uncertainty, battle through indecision, and perform with confidence, leaving us with a rallying cry to WIN MONDAY.

Head of Sales, Google Cloud

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Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves.  

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The most driven, ambitious, high-performing, and high-achieving people don’t go at it alone.  

They embody an iron sharpens iron mentality.

THIS is the community where you sharpen your sword.

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It’s at your fingertips, in this moment.  

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