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The 5 Pillars of Playing Offense

Pillar 1
Live with Championship Purpose

Live with Championship Purpose to fuel your daily quest for meaning and impact and connect you and your team to something bigger than yourselves.

Pillar 2
Be The Storm Chaser

Be the Storm Chaser to transform from adversity to achievement, developing the grit and courage to endure storms in business and life and build powerful resilience.

Pillar 3
Salute the Long Snapper

Salute the Long Snapper, transforming disengaged and under appreciated teammates into valued, impactful, and creative members of your hard-hitting offense.

Pillar 4
Embody Gold Jacket Culture

Embody Gold Jacket Culture to inspire yourself and others to achieve hall-of-fame level performance by unleashing your collective strengths, gifts, talents, and passions.

Pillar 5
Leave It Better Than You Found It

Leave It Better Than You Found It, going from only success to success and significance, creating a legacy that lasts beyond a lifetime for you and your team.

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