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Money Making Conversations
Paul Epstein former NFL/NBA Exec, “Purpose Labs” Founder, & Author of “The Power of Playing Offense”
America Trends
How Business Leaders and Investors Can Prepare for the Future
Big Biz Show Part 1
A fast-hitting discussion on Paul's journey through the NFL and NBA
Big Biz Show | Part 2
Fast-talking, hard-hitting discussion on business with Paul Epstein


Beyond Your WHY
When You Focus On Your Purpose, Amazing Things Happen With Paul Epstein
Muscle Intelligence
Find Your Why and Lead with Purpose
Pinnacle Growth Advisors
The 5 Pillars of Playing Offense
What Good Looks Like
Playing Offense ON Purpose with Paul Epstein
Speak Like a Speaker
Playing Offense with Paul Epstein
Bring It In
Author of “The Power of Playing Offense,” Fmr. Sales Manager for SF 49ers and LA Clippers, and Chief Impact Officer at PurposePoint
Midlife Male
Paul Epstein - Keynote Speaker & Author of Playing Offense
The Pitch Whisperer
The Power Of Playing Offense With Paul Epstein
Counsel Culture
The Power of Playing Offense with Paul Epstein
Perspectives From the Top
Reflections On The Top - Paul Epstein
From $7 an hour to a NBA Championship Ring
Rounding the Bases
Start Playing Offense with a Purpose
Renegade Strength Show
How to Be a Great Leader
After the Gridiron
Interview With Former NFL Executive Paul Epstein
World of Speakers
Pivot with a purpose
From Winning the Game to Building a Dynasty
The Modern Selling Podcast
Simple Steps To A Sales Culture That Wins
The Other Side of Potential
Playing Offense with Paul Epstein
Keep Leading!
Playing Offense as a Leader
Modern Leadership
Power of Playing Offense by Paul Epstein
Executive Athletes
Paul Epstein-NFL Exec-Author of The Power of Playing Offense
Creating the Game
"Finding Your Why"
UnYielded: Thriving No Matter What
Embrace the Fire
Everyone has a Seat at the Table of Culture - Part 1
Conquer Local
Everyone has a Seat at the Table of Culture - Part 2
Conquer Local

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