Master the 5 Pillars of Playing Offense

Following a foundational Playing Offense keynote, a series of workshops can build on and sustain the impact in your team, culture, and organization.

Through this 5-pillar journey, each leader and team member will learn HOW TO:

#1: Live with Championship Purpose
#2: Be the Storm Chaser
#3: Salute the Long Snapper
#4: Embody Gold Jacket Culture
#5: Leave It Better Than You Found It

Activate Your Purpose & Ignite Your Impact

From the Why Coach of the 49ers to your coach, this transformative experience will unearth purpose at every level of your team or organization, to drive massive impact in all you do.

Key Deliverables

Tailored For Your Needs

However you tailor this journey to your needs, none of this is “theory.”  This is purpose in action, backed by research and tested in the real world.  Paul is a daily practitioner, embodying a lifetime of study on how to bring purpose to life across Fortune 500 organizations and high-performance teams, serving as Chief Purpose Advisor for the Why Institute and Chief Impact Officer for PurposePoint. He’s in the trenches, constantly leading, and producing, ON PURPOSE.


Customized For YOU

These workshops are just the starting point.  
To maximize the impact and flip obstacles into opportunities, let’s customize your experience TOGETHER!

Experiences can be crafted around any of these themes and solutions:

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The ROI of
Playing Offense


Less Turnover


Less Absenteeism


Increased Customer Satisfaction


Increased Employee Engagement


Revenue Increase


Greater Performance
"Working in the NFL, there is no bigger believer in the value of a “go-to” playbook than me. If you are a leader who is inspired to build the leaders of tomorrow, build high-performance teams, and build gold jacket culture, you’ve found your “go-to” playbook in Playing Offense."
Senior Vice President, Club Business Development, NFL
"Paul’s work with our management team has been invaluable, inspiring individuals to find their purpose and become more fulfilled leaders. The impact on our culture has been tremendous and the lessons from his workshops have become a core part of our organizational DNA."
Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Former General Manager
"While bouncing back from COVID, Paul helped us reconnect with our personal and professional goals, each other, and why we do what we do.  His master class heightened our level of trust, empathy, and communication so everyone left feeling seen, heard and more valued."

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Training Topics

Transform the Great Resignation into The Great Awakening through a People-360 Blueprint

Experience Summary

People first can either be a bumper sticker or a way of life.  It starts with leadership.

As leaders, we set the tone for culture.  Culture sets the tone for people.  People drive the performance of our business.  All equally fuel the health of our team.  

Once healthy, all areas of our talent cycle win.  From recruiting to engagement to retention, and beyond.

WARNING: this is not a one-off workshop.  This is a cultural transformation program.

If you’re ready to put people first, and do the hard work necessary, let’s talk.

The 49ers Why Coach to Your Why Coach.

From WHY to Purpose to Impact.

This program is designed to start with Why, then put in action by creating a Purpose365 game plan field by core values, impact drivers, + your most pressing professional and personal goals.

Step 1 - take the WHY assessment

Step 2 - schedule a free consultative call to see if coaching is the right fit, so you can bring your WHY to life, and apply it 365

The Ideal Partner - Are you ready to play offense?

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  • You must be ALL IN on leveling up your purpose, performance, and impact

  • You must be relentless in your pursuit of personal growth and mastery

  • You must be obsessed to become the best version of yourself, at work, at home, in life

  • You must have a deeper burn, and be willing to share it, with Paul, then the world

  • Inspire a winning mindset to “leave it better than you found it”, where your team is driven by impact and fueled by a deeper purpose

  • You must be ready to take courageous action in order to own your life, on your terms 

Ready to meet Paul at the 50!?

"Paul is like the Ted Lasso of leadership and culture. He rallied our team in such an energizing, authentic, and purposeful way. We're better producers and people because of our time with him."
“For anyone looking to level-up their leadership practice, Playing Offense is essential. Paul’s framework establishes a purposeful, actionable game plan that is designed to grow players into coaches and managers into leaders. It's time to level up.”
former President and Co-owner, Los Angeles Football Club, ESPN analyst and NBA Executive
"Paul’s work with our hotel’s management team has been invaluable, inspiring individuals of all different tenures and experience levels to find their purpose and become more fulfilled leaders."
Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, Former General Manager

Paul + PurposePoint: your Unfair Advantage

Paul + his full suite leadership development, culture transformation, and media agency are built to create sustainable impact beyond a keynote.  This is where long term ROI is measured, KPI’s are grown, and partnerships are formed.