High-Impact Show Notes

Thanks to our incredible Playmakers guests, prepare to apply these mindset shifts, tactics, and strategies into your life so we can make plays, and level up, together. Everything you need is baked in the show notes, ready for action!
Betting on Talent
ft. Dee Ann Turner
Episode 9
Ignite Your Purpose
ft. John O’Leary
Episode 8
Think Like a Champion
ft. Dr. Amber Selking
Episode 7
No Retreat: Spartan Up
ft. Joe De Sena
Episode 6
Putting in the Reps
ft. Greg Scheinman
Episode 5
Complacency = Death
ft. Kara Goldin
Episode 4
Discovering Your Why and What Comes Next
ft. Dr. Gary Sanchez
Episode 3
Accept Yesterday. Love Today. Anticipate Tomorrow.
ft. Eva Saha
Episode 2
The Beginnings of Purpose
ft. Davin Salvagno
Episode 1

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