Think Like a Champion (ft. Dr. Amber Selking)

Episode Summary

What is a ‘championship mindset?’ Is it only for athletes and teams looking to bring home the title? This week, our guest is here to say emphatically that anyone can (and should) develop a championship mindset— in life, in work, and in your pursuit of your purpose 365 days a year, 7 days a week.

Opening Quote

“Ask yourself questions and sit with those questions as long as you need to, to find answers. And little by little, as you start to find answers to those, action creates traction.”—Amber Selking

Episode Notes

Along with serving as VP of leadership and culture development at Lippert, a $4 billion global manufacturing company, Amber Selking founded the Selking Performance Group whose mission is to help individuals, sports teams, and business organizations unleash performance excellence by tapping into the power of mindset and leadership.

Amber speaks with organizations around the world and has served for years as a mental performance consultant to the Notre Dame football team. She is also author of the newly released and highly acclaimed book, Winning the Mental Game: The Playbook for Building Championship Mindsets, and hosts a podcast of the same name.

[3:36] - Proteins & Electricity
Understanding thoughts and the mindsets they create
Amber believes we should all approach our thoughts scientifically— they’re not vague concepts floating in the ether, they’re the result of proteins and electric signals. Thinking this way helps us develop a change mindset about our own mind— we can methodically alter those signals and proteins until we’ve created not only a mental change, but a physical one within our own brains.

[6:42] - The Inside-Outside Game
Winning in the locker room and on the field
Amber stresses the importance of winning both in culture and in the bottom line. This can be represented in many ways, and in many areas. In basic terms, it boils down to feeling joy while getting the results you’re seeking. When you can align your pursuit of both those external goals with your internal ones, you’ll find a championship mindset.

[17:52] - The Friend Inside the Helmet
Grace is a key part of championship mindsets
For too many people, a championship mindset means a relentless, unforgiving slog toward success where any failure or misstep is unacceptable. But true champions know that sometimes things won’t go their way, and they don’t let their confidence become derailed by these failures.

[22:44] - Finding Intrinsic Motivation
Nothing gets you motivated like you
For all of the motivational tools and tips out there, nothing will motivate you like your own inner voice. Finding satisfaction in your own small victories, even if they’re invisible to anyone but you and don’t come with some external ‘prize’, is essential to developing your championship mindset.

[31:56] - Confidence is a Choice
Make your confidence independent of circumstances
Confidence doesn’t come from achievement. It comes from knowing what you’re capable of. For some, that knowledge is bolstered by their achievements. But you don’t have to have already found your success to have confidence— just ask athletes who have missed every shot in a game but still have the guts to take that game-winner.

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