Accept Yesterday. Love Today. Anticipate Tomorrow. (ft. Eva Saha)

Episode Summary

Eva Saha has made a career out of having meaningful conversations, so it’s no surprise that this week’s episode features an enlightening, inspiring, and actionable chat ranging from picking career paths to focusing on service— all viewed through the prism of purpose.

Opening Quote

“Serve others without expectation of reward or thanks, do it because it is the right thing to do. It does make you feel good, it does give you a life of purpose.”
—Eva Saha

Episode Notes

Eva Saha is a professional host, MC, and moderator, interviewing the likes of Magic Johnson, Colin Powell, James Carville, Venus Williams, Michael J. Fox, and Bill Nye. Her gift for drawing out iconic peoples’ driving purpose has led her to be the host of choice for clients including Cardinal Health, the Women in IT Awards and Thomson Reuters. All this after a decorated career as TV personality on the Emmy-winning show 190 North on ABC.

[4:05] - Yes, And…
Applying a performance principle to life
In the field of improv comedy, the concept of ‘yes, and…’ is about building on whatever your scene partner or audience member presents to you. In life, Eva has made an effort to say ‘Yes, and…’ to the right opportunities— taking on new challenges, while adding her own unique spin based on her purpose.

[9:53] - The Answers Inside Us
Who we are isn’t something we can read in a book
Eva shares how as a child her parents couldn’t stop her from approaching strangers and introducing herself. Today, talking to strangers is her career. She’s amplified something intrinsic to who she is and made it her purpose and her path. Is there something in your current job that you wish was more central to your work? Double-click on it, and find a way to make it more aligned with your path.

[25:37] - Satisfaction and Ambition
You don’t have to have a detailed 10-year-plan
While having a playbook for your future can be a powerful tool, Eva shares that she tries to stay in the moment. “I am so happy with this job right now. If it leads to something else I didn’t expect, like everything that has led to this point, great.” When you’re living true to your authentic self and purpose, following the habits and systems that lead you forward, new opportunities will present themselves without you losing sight of the now.

[33:43] - You Can Never Be Helpless if You’re Being Helpful
When you’re lost, guide others
Eva stresses the important role service plays in her life. By serving others without expectation of reward or thanks, we often end up pulling ourselves out of ruts along the way. It refocuses you on your purpose, brings you positive feelings, and reconnects you with the people around you.

[40:13] - The Unexpected Ingredients for Success
How a bad experience can lead to good outcomes
Eva discusses how some of her most negative experiences in life— professional setbacks, an unhealthy personal relationship— have helped set her up for greater perspective and the ability to recognize the good— career satisfaction, a healthy and communicative ‘fairy tale’ relationship with her husband today. Of course we shouldn’t seek out negative experiences, but when they inevitably occur we can change our mindset and discover what they taught us about ourselves and the world.

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