Putting in the Reps (ft. Greg Scheinman)

Episode Summary

This week’s guest has a message tailored to middle-aged men looking to make their later years their dominant years— but its principles are universal no matter your age, sex, or life and career goals. Join us as we talk to all-around playmaker Greg Scheinman about the 6 Fs and what makes him get up and go every morning.

Opening Quote

“But the real secret sauce is in just surrounding yourself with good people that can help you, and start doing the reps, one rep at a time.”—Greg Scheinman

Episode Notes

Greg Scheinman is Founder and former CEO of Team Baby Entertainment, which was later acquired by Michael Eisner (former CEO of Walt Disney). Greg is now the creator of The Midlife Male, a weekly newsletter and top-rated podcast designed to help men navigate and maximize middle age to achieve a better quality of life. He also shares his message in keynote speeches around the globe, and as the soon-to-be released book, The Midlife Male.

[12:49] - The Gap of Authenticity
Closing the distance between who you are and who you want to be
The authenticity gap describes the difference between who you are in your personal life and who you are in your career. The more you can bring those two ‘yous’ into alignment, the more purpose and fulfillment you’ll feel. Is your work self doing things that your ‘real life’ self wouldn’t approve of? Then it may be time to make a change.

[20:21] - Finding Your Tribe
The people you surround yourself with define you
The tribe you surround yourself with— whether it’s at home, at work, in some recreational club, at church, or elsewhere— can mean all the difference between a life that feels stuck and a life of momentum and purpose. Help the people around you, allow them to help you, and watch how your life and career flourish in ways you never could have expected.

[26:15] - Putting in the Reps
What you do when the cameras are off
Greg Scheinman has achieved an uncommonly successful life, but he’s done it by doing a few common things very, very consistently. In fitness parlance, they call it ‘putting in the reps.’ In life, these reps are the small positive habits, done day-in and day-out, that add up to monumental change over time.

[35:52] - The Six Fs
Greg’s framework for joy and success in middle age
Greg’s message for the Midlife Male is built around the six Fs— family, fitness, finance, food, fashion, and fun. He notes that you can’t simply pursue one of these six at the abandonment of all others. It’s only by bringing the various parts of your life into harmony that you can find true joy and fulfillment— in middle age or at any age.

[46:43] - The Power of One Step
There’s no perfect time to start except right now
“It’s never too late to make changes,” Greg says. All it takes is for you to decide you want to be a little bit better today than yesterday. Read one more page. Walk up and down your block a few times. There’s no magic, no snap of the fingers, no secret sauce. Just small decisions that lead up to big transformations.

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