How to Unlock Your Potential through Meaningful Work with Jacquelyn Lane

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How to Unlock Your Potential through Meaningful Work with Jacquelyn Lane

Episode Summary

Do you ever feel stuck or lacking motivation at work? Consider the transformative impact of having a coach by your side. Employers now seek individuals who are not just qualified but also coachable, emphasizing the importance of following your energy, making decisive choices, and embracing coaching.

In this episode of the Win Monday podcast, we sit down with Jacquelyn Lane, President of 100 Coaches Agency, designed to amplify the impact of the world’s iconic leadership thinkers and executive coaches.

We discuss the significance of meaningful work and effective coaching attributes. Jacquelyn shares insights from her diverse career, highlighting the importance of aligning work with purpose and being open to feedback. We delve into qualities that make someone coachable, like humility and a willingness to change, and the universal applicability of coaching principles. Our conversation touches on the role of curiosity and humanitarian work in personal growth, underscoring the value of human connection in all facets of life.

Key Takeaways

  • Gratitude plays a pivotal role in transforming work from an obligation to a source of fulfillment.
  • Being coachable is essential for personal growth, involving a mindset that welcomes feedback, prioritizes effectively, and understands the importance of rest.
  • Great coaches provide feedback, accountability, and support, and one does not need to be in a leadership position to adopt a coaching mindset.
  • Work ethic, positivity, and coachability are key traits valued in team members and are crucial for nurturing individual success.
  • Curiosity and a commitment to humanitarian work can lead to a more connected and zestful life, as demonstrated by Jaclyn's own experiences.

In This Episode

  • [01:47] Jacquelyn’s love for Mondays and finding meaning in her work
  • [06:09] Strategies for coping with feelings of being drained, burnout, or exhaustion
  • [10:07] Preparation and readiness for engaging with a coach
  • [11:16] The role of a coach in various aspects of life
  • [15:40] Challenges and obstacles to being coachable
  • [17:03] Paul’s story on work ethic, positivity, and coachability
  • [18:14] Qualities of a successful hire
  • [20:20] The source of Jacquelyn’s zest for life, curiosity, and genuine interest in people
  • [21:32] Creating a career of support and promotion
  • [21:57] Discovering your calling
  • [23:26] Why you should follow your energy
  • [24:38] Taking bold steps and overcoming fear
  • [26:26] The power of decisiveness
  • [29:37] Jacquelyn’s strategies for winning Mondays

Notable Quotes

  • [10:38] “Do whatever feels like it's helping you make progress. Especially if you're feeling stuck and going through that mental loop over and over and over again.” - Jacquelyn
  • [19:29] “Coachability has become one of those words that are starting to permeate the C-suite and people are asking, is this person really coachable?” - Jacquelyn
  • [23:34] "If there's a task that boosts your energy and makes time fly, that's a pretty good indication that it's closer to your own zone of genius." - Jacquelyn
  • [29:37] "Make it more important to you to hear rather than to be heard, to see others rather than to be seen, to love others than to be loved, and you'll be surprised how much of that comes returned to you." - Jacquelyn

Our Guests

Jacquelyn Lane, President of 100 Coaches Agency, leads the organization dedicated to amplifying the influence of top leadership thinkers and coaches worldwide. As co-designer of the agency's curation process and advocate for a relationship-first philosophy, she guides growth and community development. Jacquelyn, with a background in the energy industry, transitioned to executive coaching fueled by her commitment to enhancing leadership quality.

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