Mastering Leadership: A Deep Dive into Coaching and Personal Growth with Scott Osman and Marshall Goldsmith

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Mastering Leadership: A Deep Dive into Coaching and Personal Growth with Scott Osman and Marshall Goldsmith

Episode Summary

Are you someone who believes that leadership, coaching, and personal growth are key ingredients for success in any endeavor? Well, you've come to the right place! No matter who you are or what stage of life you're in, the pursuit of personal growth and the development of effective leadership skills can have a profound impact on your journey.

In today’s episode of the Win Monday podcast, we are honored to host Scott Osman and Marshall Goldsmith. These extraordinary experts are renowned for their unwavering commitment to leadership, coaching, and personal growth. As a testament to their expertise, they have just launched their groundbreaking masterpiece, Becoming Coachable: Unleashing the Power of Executive Coaching to Transform Your Leadership and Life.

In our conversation, Marshall Goldsmith and Scott Osman delve into the nuances of leadership, coaching, and personal growth. They talk about their recent book launch, the importance of being open to change and feedback, and the role of humility in personal development. They also discuss common obstacles that high achievers face, the negative impact of following celebrities and watching the news excessively, and the qualities of future leaders. Tune in for an enriching exploration of these key facets that contribute to a fulfilling and successful life.

Key Takeaways

  • Customer selection is important in coaching, focusing on the people being coached rather than the coach's ego
  • Humility and confidence are essential for effective leadership.
  • Seeking feedback in personal relationships can lead to improvement.
  • High achievers face obstacles such as transitioning to empowering others and avoiding the trap of "adding too much value."
  • Success does not always lead to fulfilment; focus on what truly makes you happy.
  • Future leaders need global thinking, technological savvy, and the ability to build alliances.
  • Super bosses" bring talented individuals into their organizations and help them succeed.

In This Episode

  • [01:41] Recent book launch and the emotions involved
  • [05:48] Characteristics and attributes of effective leaders
  • [10:31] The importance of feedback in relationships
  • [12:18] Challenges faced by leaders in supporting their teams
  • [16:54] The misconception that achievement leads to happiness
  • [20:48] The importance of focusing on things that make us happy
  • [23:05] The need for continuous improvement and learning
  • [26:09] Characteristics of future leaders
  • [31:09] The importance of being coachable

Notable Quotes

  • [05:47] " If you think you know everything and you're not open to change and accepting other people, then the limitations on your growth and success are just too tight.” - Scott
  • [07:29]" If you can't think of even one thing you need to improve, pick humility." - Marshall
  • [22:15] "Very important to realize is time is important and you've really got to watch this stuff." - Marshall
  • [22:43] "Start putting the focus on happiness for yourself and that's where the real change is going to happen." - Scott

Our Guests

Scott Osman, Founder and CEO of the 100 Coaches Agency, is a visionary leader and codesigner of the proprietary curation process. With a commitment to a relationship-first philosophy, he drives the company's vision, oversees partnerships, and champions business development. As a co-founder of the 100 Coaches Community in 2016, he played a pivotal role in its success. Additionally, Osman is the cofounder of Methods by 100 Coaches, an innovative online learning platform.

Marshall Goldsmith, Founder of the Marshall Goldsmith Group and 100 Coaches, is a distinguished executive coach and thought leader. As the inaugural recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School and a Thinkers50 Management Hall of Fame inductee, Goldsmith's impact extends globally. With a prolific career advising over 200 CEOs and their teams, he is a New York Times bestselling author, contributing to more than thirty-five books, notably "What Got You Here Won’t Get You There."

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