Prepare for Impact: Human-Centered Leadership, Success and Legacy with Chad and Ryan Estis

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Prepare for Impact: Human-Centered Leadership, Success and Legacy

Episode Summary

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an effective leader in today’s innovative and fast-paced world?

In today’s episode of the Win Monday podcast, we are joined by two of the most high-octane, high-impact people, authors of ‘Prepare for Impact’, brothers Ryan and Chad Estis as we unpack the art of leadership and the power of resilience.

Tune in as we explore the significance of human-centered leadership and the profound effect we have on those around us, both inside and outside the workplace. We also touch on the value of creating a personal board of directors, fostering robust relationships, and intentionally crafting a future of our own design.

Key Takeaways

  • A culture that encourages open disagreement and tolerates well-intentioned failures is key to driving growth and creativity within organizations.
  • A human-first approach in leadership isn’t “soft”; it’s essential for fostering a productive environment where people are motivated to contribute their best.
  • Personal and professional growth often stems from communal experiences and the pursuit of something greater than individual ambition.
  • Leaders should be decisive and create a culture where failure is part of the learning process.

In This Episode

  • (0:29) - The power of impact and making a difference
  • (01:22) - Defining impact and its role in our lives
  • (02:04) - Creating a positive workplace environment
  • (03:50) - Overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities
  • (05:43) - Learning from the best and worst bosses
  • (06:40) - The 30 Steps to Success
  • (08:49) - The importance of self-education and effort
  • (17:24) - Creating a personal board of directors
  • (21:30) - Understanding human-centered leadership
  • (22:48) - The impact of leadership on business results
  • (23:49) - The benefits of a great team environment
  • (26:50) - The importance of emotional intelligence in leadership
  • (30:03) - The power of decisiveness in leadership
  • (36:04) - The role of teamwork and camaraderie in achieving goals
  • (39:52) - The importance of running the race for others

Notable Quotes

  • [0:21] - “I think as leaders, it’s our responsibility to do the best we can to create a positive workplace culture.” - Chad
  • [06:22] - “If it's a temporary stop and a place that you feel stuck and you're suffering on Sunday, just know that there's learning in that challenge.” - Ryan
  • [23:53] - “You make all these connections, you make life connections, create lifelong relationships. Work is more fun. Work is a place that you want to go to every day.” - Chad
  • [34:04] - “If you're not in an environment where you feel comfortable debating ideas and discussing the best way forward and taking chances, you're gonna fall behind.” - Ryan

Our Guests

Chad Estis is a visionary leader who is deeply passionate about cultivating a positive workplace culture. In his view, the true mark of impact is measured by creating an environment where employees genuinely enjoy coming to work. For Chad, the standard workday is not just about clocking hours but about experiencing joy and fulfillment in those hours spent contributing to the team’s mission.

Ryan Estis is a thoughtful and reflective individual with a passion for personal growth and leadership development. Throughout his journey, he has gained valuable insights from his experiences with various types of supervisors through an exercise called "Best Boss, Worst Boss," which is part of the workshops he conducts. her commitment to enhancing leadership quality.

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