Paul Take #12: The Non-Negotiable Standards for Success

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Episode 12 Recap

Paul Take #12: The Non-Negotiable Standards for Success

Episode Summary

In this episode, Paul reflects on his conversation with Jacquelyn Lane, President of 100 Coaches Agency. Paul explores the concept of coachability, drawing from his background as a sales manager and leader. He discusses a transformative moment in his career with the Los Angeles Clippers sales team, where he established a "constitution" prioritizing work ethic, positivity, and coachability. Paul argues that while talent is important, the willingness to be coached is crucial, especially in a challenging sales environment. He advocates for continuous self-improvement, curiosity, and resilience, concluding that coachability is key to thriving both personally and professionally. 

Key Takeaways

  • Coachability is a critical factor for success in both personal and professional development.
  • It involves a continuous willingness to grow and evolve, not just being open to feedback.
  • In sales leadership, nurturing the right mindset and commitment is more crucial than just focusing on performance metrics.
  • Embracing coachability is essential for individuals and organizations aiming for excellence.
  • The capacity to be coached is a valuable asset for team leadership and career advancement.
  • The concept of coachability is a call to action to maintain a learning and growth-oriented mindset.

In This Episode

  • [00:10] The constitution
  • [01:17] The three non-negotiables: Work ethic, positivity, and coachability
  • [02:28] Standards over goals
  • [03:21] The significance of being coachable

Notable Quotes

  • [02:28] “Work ethic, positivity coachability, all of these are 100% in your control. All of them are standards and they are non-negotiable standards. And if we live our standards we will achieve more goals.” – Paul 
  • [02:54] “My job is to hire the best. I hire for gifts, for talents, for skills, for abilities. In other words, I hire the skill, but I cannot coach the will.” - Paul
  • [03:41] “The job is 99.9% rejection only the coachable will survive, only the coachable will win.” - Paul
  • [04:06] “Leaders have to be coachable. Performers have to be coachable. People have to be coachable because we've never figured it all out. And as soon as you think you have, you've lost.” -Paul

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