The 49ers Why Coach is now YOUR Coach

From WHY to Purpose to Impact.

This program is designed to start with Why, then put in action by creating a Purpose365 game plan fueled by core values, impact drivers, and your most pressing professional and personal goals.

Step 1 - take the WHY assessment

Step 2 - schedule a free consultative call to see if coaching is the right fit, so you can bring your WHY to life, and apply it 365

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Here’s the ante to play:

  • You must be ALL IN on leveling up your purpose, performance, and impact

  • You must be relentless in your pursuit of personal growth and mastery

  • You must be obsessed to become the best version of yourself, at work, at home, and beyond

  • You must be ready to take courageous action in order to own your life, on your terms 

You in? Then let's chat.

"I have seen firsthand the grit, passion, and perseverance that Paul leads with. It’s one thing to achieve success with these qualities, but it’s another to coach these principles to others. Playing Offense has shown me the way."
Brian Lafemina
Chief Business Officer, LA 2028 Olympics; former NFL Executive
"Paul was born to inspire and help others grow into their full potential. He has a unique passion for life, and for people, bringing a special energy and connection to his coaching that inevitably becomes a catalyst for positive change."
greg holmes
former Head of Sales & Corporate Strategy
"When it comes to leadership, transformation, and finding ones ‘Why’, Paul Epstein is one of the most knowledgeable coaches I know. His authenticity makes other people feel valued and unquestionably cared for."
Sue Ann Gonis
EMBA Executive Coach & Career Consultant, University of Michigan

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Training Topics

Transform the Great Resignation into The Great Awakening through a People-360 Blueprint

Experience Summary

People first can either be a bumper sticker or a way of life.  It starts with leadership.

As leaders, we set the tone for culture.  Culture sets the tone for people.  People drive the performance of our business.  All equally fuel the health of our team.  

Once healthy, all areas of our talent cycle win.  From recruiting to engagement to retention, and beyond.

WARNING: this is not a one-off workshop.  This is a cultural transformation program.

If you’re ready to put people first, and do the hard work necessary, let’s talk.

Paul + PurposePoint: your Unfair Advantage

Paul + his full suite leadership development, culture transformation, and media agency are built to create sustainable impact beyond a keynote.  This is where long term ROI is measured, KPI’s are grown, and partnerships are formed.