How to Show Up Biggest Under the Brightest Lights: The Role of Authenticity and Mindfulness in Peak Performance

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How to Show Up Biggest Under the Brightest Lights: The Role of Authenticity and Mindfulness in Peak Performance

Episode Summary

Are you caught between who you are and what the world expects you to be? It's a struggle many of us face. In this episode, we dive into reconnecting with the passions that once made your heart sing but seemed lost along the way. Learn how to stay true to yourself amidst life's chaos.

Join Paul as he sits down with Jennifer Lier, a Keynote Speaker, Conference Strategist, and Entertainment Consultant.

Jennifer shares her 25-year journey in the entertainment industry, from her early passion for music to her struggles with confidence, body image, and career challenges. She reveals how yoga and Ayurveda transformed her life, helping her find inner peace and self-understanding.

Together, Jennifer and Paul discuss the significance of self-awareness, authenticity, and shedding societal pressures to embrace your true self. They delve into optimal performance, highlighting the importance of adaptability and presence over peak outcomes. Jennifer emphasizes vulnerability and transparency in building relationships and offers valuable advice on approaching life with a winning mindset.

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of staying true to oneself despite industry pressures and personal challenges.
  • Reconnecting with authenticity and care in earlier career stages
  • Yoga and spirituality can offer profound self-understanding
  • Self-awareness leads to better life choices
  • Societal expectations are not mandatory
  • Optimal performance is about adaptability

In This Episode:

  • [00:03] The journey into entertainment  
  • [02:32] Jennifer's passion for music and early experiences  
  • [10:33] Overcoming confidence gaps 
  • [13:38] The importance of taking risks, embracing youth
  • [17:06] Trusting the younger self  
  • [18:49] Jennifer’s struggle with anxiety and the journey of self-discovery  
  • [19:41] The transformative power of yoga  
  • [22:54] The importance of self-awareness  
  • [24:08] Finding clarity and purpose  
  • [26:47] Discovering passion and purpose  
  • [30:10] Overcoming societal expectations  
  • [34:12] Embracing self-acceptance  
  • [36:02] Empowering confidence  
  • [37:15] Optimal performance vs peak performance  
  • [38:27] Jennifer's curiosity and mindset study  
  • [39:25] Recognizing authenticity and passion  
  • [40:36] Connecting through vulnerability  
  • [42:08] Jennifer;s strategies for winning Mondays

Notable Quotes

  • [02:32] "It's interesting because I think, well first of all, I fell into entertainment. It wasn't anything that I ever thought that I was going to have a path on."-Jennifer

  • [07:33] "It's a whole different feeling to know who you are and to know what you're wanting to get out of that."-Jennifer

  • [10:38] “No matter what, I wanted to be on those stages and I didn't care how I looked or how I felt.”- Jennifer

  • [20:57]  “My yoga journey, which changed my world that year, and I wanted to share it with others. And that's why I still teach every single thing.” -Jennifer
  • [00:21:36] “We don't move forward with something when we're thinking outside of ourselves.”-Jennifer

  • [39:39]  “I knew you can tell when people are doing things just for the money or just to survive the night, and I get that. We all need to make money to thrive and to be able to provide for our families."-Jennifer

  • [42:08] "The wisdom comes from within, and you can only hear the whisper within when you're breathing and when you're quiet and when you're grounded."-Jennifer

Our Guest

  • Jennifer Lier, a versatile professional, joined the Executive Speakers Bureau in 2019, bringing nearly five years of leadership at National Keynote Speakers. Formerly, she spearheaded Polaroid's event space and enjoyed a 25-year career as a singer, actor, and model. Jennifer's adeptness in corporate event sales and her talent for matching speakers with clients' needs earned her industry recognition, including the 2019 Dotty Walters Award. Actively engaged in her Las Vegas community, Jennifer also teaches yoga and occasionally graces the city's stages with her music.

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