Jade Gordon's Transformative Path: a Real-Life Playbook to Pursue Your Calling

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Jade Gordon's Transformative Path: a Real-Life Playbook to Pursue Your Calling

Episode Summary

Do you ever feel like fear is holding you back from truly living according to your purpose in life? Perhaps you've experienced that nagging sense of inadequacy known as impostor syndrome, where despite your achievements, you feel like you don't deserve your success. These are common barriers that many of us face on our journey to fulfilling our true potential.

In this episode, Paul sits down with Jade Gordon to delve into the profound impact of positivity and resilience on personal and professional growth.

During the conversation, Jade discusses her upbringing and the influence of her father's emphasis on positivity and resilience. She shares her experiences working at Nobu Malibu during the pandemic, where she encountered a toxic environment but managed to bring positivity to her colleagues. Inspired by a stranger's encouragement, Jade decided to pursue a career in speaking and leadership. She also shares her insights on coaching teenagers, helping them overcome negative thoughts and imposter syndrome. Jade emphasizes the importance of speaking positively to oneself and building strong relationships. Additionally, she discusses the significance of bridging the generational gap in the workplace and balancing tough love with accountability. Jade highlights the need for understanding and collaboration between different age groups, encouraging individuals to create a vision for what they want to achieve and to focus on specific actions to reach their goals. This focused approach can help build momentum and drive success.

Key Takeaways

  • Jade Gordon's upbringing and the influence of her father, Jon Gordon
  • Challenges and benefits of growing up with a father emphasizing positivity and resilience
  • Experience working at Nobu Malibu during the pandemic
  • The decision to quit her job and pursue a career in speaking and impacting others
  • Journey of becoming a certified speaker and workshop facilitator
  • Initial fears and doubts about speaking to the Clemson baseball team
  • Personal growth, resilience, and finding her calling in positively impacting others
  • Transitioning away from live events before the pandemic
  • Coaching teenagers and helping them overcome negative thoughts and imposter syndrome
  • Bridging the generational gap in the workplace and the balance between tough love and accountability

In This Episode:

  • [00:20] Introduction to Jade Gordon
  • [01:23]Jade reflects on her unique childhood
  • [04:27] Don't be a victim
  • [06:18] Authenticity of positivity
  • [10:12] Emotional maturity
  • [12:56] Transition from Nobu to speaking
  • [18:35] Stepping into speaking
  • [20:27] Impact of life experiences
  • [20:29] The crystal ball
  • [21:22] Developing teen leaders
  • [27:37] Imposter syndrome and self-belief
  • [33:01] Tough love and accountability
  • [37:53] Creating a vision and setting goals

Notable Quotes

  • [03:45] 'I’m so grateful for a dad who really looked at the positivity in things to find better outcomes, to have faith, to believe in the future.”-Jade

  • [33:37] “One of the kids came up to me and she was crying. She said, "Can I hug you?" and I said, "Yes, of course." She said, "You don't understand how much I needed this. I have been struggling so much and I'm going to start speaking positively to myself.”-Jade

  • [28:25]"I had a lot of imposter syndrome of my dad is Jon Gordon. Am I going to be good enough? Are people going to bring me in to speak and say, "Oh, well, she's not as good as her dad?."-Jade

  • [33:26] “But my dad says I believe in tough love. But in order for tough love to work, we must love tough to bring out the best in those we lead.”-Jade

  • [33:36] “I need to show you that I care about you, but I also can hold you accountable because if you know I care about you, then I won't accept anything less than your best.”-Jade

  • [36:54] "' In a world that is filled with so much division, I know it's people like you and what attracted me to you as we're unifying us, we're trying to bring people together."-Jade

  • [37:58] “My telescope is that big-picture vision of what I want to achieve. The direction in which I want to go and why I'm going there, and my microscope is my zoom focus actions of what I can do each day to achieve that goal.”- Jade

Our Guest

  • Jade Gordon, inspired by her upbringing with Jon Gordon, champions positive leadership at The Jon Gordon Companies. After college, she pursued acting in Los Angeles while refining customer service skills at Nobu Malibu. Now a keynote speaker and certified trainer, she's co-authoring a book with her father, driven by her passion to empower leaders and teams.

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