Playing a Bigger Game: Why You Should Understand Your Why with Markus Kaulius

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Playing a Bigger Game: Why You Should Understand Your Why with Markus Kaulius

Episode Summary

Do you know your "why"? What propels you out of bed each morning, even when the motivation to face the day is lacking? Understanding your "why"—the deeper reason behind your actions—can transform your life and push you to play a bigger game.

In this episode, Paul sits down with Markus Kaulius, a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and global speaker. Markus, known for his extraordinary journey in growing a company from $0 to $170 million, discusses his new book, Play a Bigger Game.

During their conversation, they delve into personal growth, self-discovery, and the concept of playing a bigger game in life. This involves stepping out of your comfort zone and striving for more than what you currently have.

Markus opens up about his journey from a challenging childhood to significant business achievements. They emphasize the importance of celebrating small victories, finding your "why," and taking intentional breaks to disconnect from technology for self-reflection and creativity. Paul also highlights swimming as his personal space for generating ideas and reconnecting with relationships.

Key Takeaways

  • Importance of celebrating small wins  and self-discovery
  • The concept of playing a bigger game in life
  • The power of knowing your Why
  • Strategies for playing a bigger game in life
  • Overcoming low points in life
  • Embracing uncertainty and adapting to new chapters in life
  • Taking intentional pauses and disconnecting from technology for creativity and self-reflection
  • Using activities like swimming as a space for generating ideas and reconnecting with relationships

In This Episode:

  • (00:48) Introduction to Markus Kaulius  
  • (02:07) The launching of Play a Bigger Game book  
  • (04:57) Markus  on his lowest chapter  
  • (11:59) Creating an intentional turning point  
  • (13:37) Tactics for mastering self-discovery  
  • (19:04) Universal habits for self-discovery  
  • (19:40) The importance of knowing your “WHY”  
  • (22:22) Appreciating the present moment  
  • (24:29) Approaching the future without a roadmap  
  • (28:02) Tactics for surrounding ourselves with the people we need  
  • (36:23) Markus 's tactics for winning Mondays  
  • (39:49) Paul on swimming for reflection

Notable Quotes

  • [03:24] “So many people are stuck. I was stuck for so many years. Just felt like there was nothing I could do.”-Markus  

  • [03:36] “Play bigger game is all the mindset techniques that I used over the years, that I developed, over the years that I challenged myself and my friends with over the years to play that bigger game.” -Markus 

  • [06:54] “I didn't believe I deserve love because I wasn't getting it from the place where I thought everybody gets.”-Markus 

  • [08:52] “The book is all about, just to help people play that bigger game in their own lives and to make a bigger impact on their world.”-Markus 

  • [11:01] “You don't need to wait for God to call your name. He is already doing that, by the way.”-Markus 

  • [16:55] “If you if you can tap into your deepest why I mean that why is the juice of life.”-Markus 

  • [29:15] “When you pick up someone's book, there's the start of a mentorship. A mentorship doesn't have to mean you see this person face to face.”-Markus 

  • [37:43] “The world has more to it than just what I was seeing. So take a minute to yourself.”-Markus 

Our Guest

  • Markus Kaulius is a dynamic investor, serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and global speaker. He inspires millions worldwide with unparalleled energy and integrity, empowering individuals to unlock their potential and achieve extraordinary success. Building businesses from $0 to $170 million in global sales, Markus has had multiple successful exits and has helped others do the same. His book, "Play a Bigger Game," shares seven universal principles to achieve unimaginable fulfillment and thrive in life.

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