Playing Offense in Defensive Environments


How to Lead with Courage and Inspire Confidence

Paul is an expert at inspiring audiences to life impacting and purposeful change, starting by Winning Monday.  
Knowing the economic winter we’re in, how do we lead with confidence and courage to play offense in highly defensive environments? How do we make better decisions faster to overcome the stress and anxiety at our most paralyzing forks in the road?  How do shift our WHY from a distantNorth into a 365 operating system that creates camaraderie and connectionwithin any team?  ‍
WARNING: No sugar highs allowed. Keynotes are merely the starting point. Expect a 365 action plan to follow.
“When I speak to 1,000 people and 20 wait to talk after, I love all 1,000…I do it for the 20.”
- Paul epstein

Most Requested Keynote Topics

Playing Offense in Defensive Environments
(For Leaders, Sales, and HR)
How to Make Better Decisions Faster
(For Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Decision-Makers)
Building a WHY-Centered Culture
(For Organizations, Teams, and Leaders)

The Power of Playing Offense in Defensive Environments

How to Lead with Courage while Navigating Uncertainty

Economic uncertainty and confidence gaps are the factors leading to defensive mindsets at organizations all over the world. But what if you had a playbook for playing offense — pursuing and achieving meaningful goals while everyone else is sheltering in place?

If you can learn to Win Monday — achieving your goals one day, one decision, and one action at a time — there’s no limit to what your team can accomplish.

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From pre-calls to build relationships and partnership, to co-promoting your event, to tailored action items specific to your goals, he’s ALL IN.

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Paul’s keynote will inspire, educate, and transform, providing transformational mindset shifts and tactical ways to Win Monday and beyond.

Within Days Post Event

Event attendees will receive custom action items so key takeaways are implemented. Includes a personalized Confidence Quiz and Toolkit.

Within a Month Post Event

Debriefing call on best practices to maintain momentum, community, and engagement for the 365 days to come.

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"Paul’s keynote exceeded all my expectations and my team was profoundly moved by his authenticity and heart-based storytelling. He helped Amazon understand the core values at the center of leadership such as compassion, character, and trust.  Point blank, Paul’s the best speaker we’ve ever had!"

Oumar Diagne
Oumar Diagne, Amazon, Finance Director

"Ever since Paul Epstein's keynote to our commercial sales team, the PLAYING OFFENSE mindset and 5-pillar game plan has had infinite impact in the field and beyond. Our team was inspired with purpose, became more resilient, built more trusting relationships, and our culture is that much stronger thanks to Paul.  Couldn't recommend him more!"

Linda Gordon
Commercial Marketing Leader, Johnson & Johnson

“Finally, a playbook that has answered the question, who’s coaching the coaches?
Many of us have been promoted from player to coach and were never provided a playbook on how to lead. The Power of Playing Offense was curated to solve
this problem. Leave no page unturned. The impact it will create for your team,
career, culture, and life, is infinite.”

Santor Nishizaki
Award-winning Chief Executive Officer, Formerly With NASA And Disney Imagineering

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Is it a Green Light?

Paul’s message is all about finding the moment where your head (mindset), your heart (passion), and your hands (action) meet.

When all three are in alignment, it’s like a green light telling you to go.

Does Paul’s mindset align with your vision?

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This keynote is for you if...

You are growing weary of the never-ending battles of finding, engaging, and retaining talent.  Learn the keys to create an environment where people know they belong, can thrive, and will stay, because they matter.

Learning Outcomes

  • Reconnect fragmented and hybrid workforces to rally around a spirit of camaraderie, empathy, and trust

  • Elevate the level of adaptability and agility so your culture can persevere and endure any climate

  • Learn how purpose can galvanize your organization to greater passion, positivity, and happiness in the day-to-day

  • From partners to tourists to prisoners, learn to lead challenging teams through highly volatile times

Most Requested Topics

This keynote is for you if...

You are driven to compete in today’s relentless market.  Grit, agility, and a resilient mindset are the table stakes. Learn from a 15-year NBA and NFL sales leader, who has walked through the same fires.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover how purpose can be the igniter of performance, productivity, and courage

  • Grow customer relationships from transactional to transformational, through one simple rule

  • Acquire a framework to build trust and earn loyalty from your team, clients, and key stakeholders

  • From firefighting to FIRED UP – energize your locker room to show up committed to a standard of excellence

This keynote is for you if...

You believe elite performance happens when people don’t need to be held accountable, they hold themselves accountable.  That’s the power of intrinsic motivation, carrots and sticks no longer required.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the four cornerstones of intrinsically motivated teams, a case study from the San Francisco 49ers Academy, where you will be challenged by four critical questions:

    • Does your team believe deeply in the game they’re playing?

    • Are their fingerprints on the blueprint you’re asking them to execute?

    • Are people better when they go home than when they showed up that day?

    • Are people making a difference, that matters to them?

  • The answer to these questions should be HELL YES.  This keynote will deliver just that.

Customized For YOU

These keynotes are just the starting point.  
To maximize the impact, let’s customize your experience TOGETHER!

We'll talk through...

  • Biggest challenges and pain points

  • Most sought-after goals

  • Current state to future state shifts and transformations

  • How you want every audience member to think, feel, and do

  • What an 11 out of 10 looks like

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Most Requested Topics

This keynote is for you if...

You believe decisions and actions dictate the quality of our results.  What if you had a fail-proof equation that leads to more clear, confident, consistent, and purposeful outcomes?  This is it.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the business and life benefits of conquering our mindset and igniting our passion so we can achieve inner success

  • Discover how you and your team can get unstuck and drive toward greater levels of happiness and fulfillment

  • Understand how you can leverage green, yellow, and red lights at every critical decision-making juncture

  • Walk away with a proven playbook of core values to lead the business, career, and life you want, ON PURPOSE

This keynote is for you if...

You subscribe to the platinum rule where you treat others as they want to be treated by speaking to their WHY.  The impact: an organization where people get clear, stand out, and play bigger—at scale.

Learning Outcomes

  • Drive greater awareness so you and your team appreciate how you think and WHY each of you do what you do

  • Learn to communicate WHY to WHY to enhance the identity, empathy, and relationships within your team

  • Through the power of WHY, you can most effectively leverage each person’s strengths, gifts and talents

  • Construct a holistic game plan where your collective WHY’s provide clarity on how the entire team puzzle of purpose and impact fit together

Customized For YOU

These keynotes are just the starting point.  
To maximize the impact, let’s customize your experience TOGETHER!

We'll talk through...

  • Biggest challenges and pain points

  • Most sought-after goals

  • Current state to future state shifts and transformations

  • How you want every audience member to think, feel, and do

  • What an 11 out of 10 looks like

Ready to meet Paul at the 50?